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Trendsetter: A person Who Leads The Way In Fashion And Ideas...

Born from the idea that unique style should be attainable and affordable. Creating a limited collection of trending fashion so you always feel unique in your TSL...


How Trendsetters Lab Was Born...

We met four years ago. Felicia’s mom always wore fashions by her talented daughter, and I would constantly ask her where she bought her clothing and accessories. She would always answer, “My daughter Felicia.” When we met, we always complimented each other on the clothes we were wearing. It surprised both of us because there is a twenty-year age difference between us-Felicia in her 30’s and me in my 50’s! We realized we both loved trendy and affordable fashions.
We love to experiment with various looks and styles. We liked the same things andrealized we were wearing it based on our age. There are certain ways Felicia could wear an outfit and I could not, or ways I would wear the same outfit, but Felicia is young and would want to show a little more of her figure. Whereas I was trying to compliment some areas and cover up others. Despite these differences we still enjoyed the same outfit but in a different way.
We decided to partner and find trendy looks with a different type of flair. Experiment with different looks that you, the customer may not consider.  Looks where people comment or ask-- That’s different; I never would have thought to put that together; Where did you get that look? I bet that was expensive.  We decided to combine forces, experiment together in the fashion lab, and show others that they can dress trendy and affordable at any age!
Welcome to our lab! Trendsetters Lab. The online store where you can find fun, affordable, and trendy fashion for ALL Women!
💗 Felicia & Tanya